I travel for concerts but still, seeing fantastic places and some of my favorite cities, meeting friends and local people and having an opportunity to watch around and observe things in different countries, yes, it’s definitely a bonus! Italian sun set in the first pic, so pretty!

The Cattolica gig in Italy in August 2010 was one of the most entertaining concerts I’ve seen. So much fun!! Mika was in his funny and relaxed mood and telling random jokes. After only a few words in the beginning of the gig Nerys (who was next to me) and I looked each other: This is going to be a good one! (I know, I know!). A few words can tell so much. I love his random silly mode, it’s like an order to the audience to relax and enjoy. Music should not be taken too seriously, life should not be taken too seriously. Smiling, laughing, enjoying the music, having fun. Good things.

The gig was day after Mika’s birthday, and Italian fans wanted to give him a cake and sing Happy Birthday. I was so pleased they generously let us foreigners to take part of the surprise. It’s always good to be a part of the group and not an outsider. I’m not always so keen on different surprise projects. They can turn out to be too competitive and sometimes even disturbing (Happy Ending is one of my favorite songs, I want to be able to concentrate on listening to it properly, without being worried what’s happening in the audience). Sometimes these surprises are a great success though (like simple bubbles in Tallinn, loved it) and in Cattolica everything felt really appropriate. After all, it was Mika’s birthday just day before the gig and it was all fun: cake, flowers, confetti, balloons!! See on the vids below both giving the cake and eating it.