Seeing Mika live for the first time is a surprising experience for many people, he is brilliant on stage and takes all their attention. People can hardly see the band or the audience or the stage setting. I saw my first Mika concert Feb 2008. The amazed feeling has never left me but gradually, after seeing more concerts, I started to understand and see the magical world he has built around his songs: stage settings full of details and song characters living in their weird costumes. I started to observe the whole show dynamics and it made everything even more interesting. The main reason I go to see his concerts is still very simple and something I learnt when I saw him for the first time, Mika is brilliant on stage.

When the majority of the audience is sharing “the first time experience” the group effect is so fresh and strong it’s difficult to describe. That’s what happened in Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia (8/2010) during the Baltic Tour. I had already felt something like that in Helsinki, but in a smaller scale, because the venue was a night club (a big one, but still an intimate and closed venue compared to arenas and outside areas). I didn’t know what to expect from bigger Baltic city concerts. I learnt later that singing along is somewhere very deep in Baltic culture. The way the Baltic audience was taking part of these shows was very natural and effortless. People concentrated on the performance and enjoyed, many of them knew the lyrics and sang along, and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I loved it. I let myself concentrate on the most important things, the voice and energy, just like everyone else. I loved the atmosphere and watching Mika’s face when he realized he is doing some of his best concerts for a long time in cities like Riga and Tallinn. Who would have thought in advance? I didn’t, and I don’t think he took it for granted either.

Estonian fans gave bottles of soap to people in the audience to make bubbles and when Happy Ending started the whole venue area was filled with bubbles, in twenty seconds! The Estonian night was not too dark, and the bubbles looked beautiful, it was magical! The first vid below is the bubble vid, and the second one is Rain from Riga. Mika takes his shirt off (“thanks for being a great audience, I had fun”), and the way he screams “baby” and starts jumping (like back row girls at an aerobic class is beyond adorable. My favorite part of Rain. Must love him.