Mika announced his Helsinki concert and suddenly he was all over the Finnish media. His face was on every news page and I got emails, FB-messages and texts from friends who hadn’t contacted me for ages. “Did you hear, Mika is coming to Finland?” Yes, I heard, I can’t wait!!

I was also worried sick. I knew Mika would do a great concert in Helsinki, he always does a professional show. I knew the audience would enjoy it. I was worried he wouldn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t bear the thought that he might not enjoy performing in my home town or not like the audience, the venue or my country in general. It was his first concert in Finland, I had no idea about the audience (though I knew there would be some enthusiastic teens).

In the end everything went just perfectly. The venue in Helsinki was small enough to sell and the audience was amazing, everyone singing and dancing their hearts out. Finnish fans were moderately young, but so sweet and adoring, not aggressive or pushy at all and Mika seemed to totally enjoy the situation. He gave his young fans a lot of attention and it just melted my heart! The gig was so happy and warm – actually, the Circus night club was literally hot as a sauna – everyone smiling from the beginning to the very end of the show and I loved every moment of it and the whole atmosphere.

I didn’t much talk with him after the gig. He said something like “so I’m here” and I said something like “yeah”. You know, casually. I was so happy my heart was singing and all I could think was “oh, I love you, not only for finally coming to my country but also making it such a fantastic show” (it was not the first or only show I’ve seen but definitely the most meaningful). But I guess you can’t just go and say things like that to a popstar so I said “yeah”, casually. Maybe I was also kind of hoping that an artistic person like him can sense the feelings coming from his audience without saying.

Now I understand why people say “a home gig is always a home gig”, because it was a special day for me indeed. I had finally a possibility to bring my family to see my favorite artist, for once I was not too tired because there was no need for traveling and I had time and a chance to do some sightseeing with my foreign friends before and after the concert. Besides, I had two Baltic city concerts to look forward to so my mood was excellent. Good times, happy memories.