The pictures are from the Luxembourg show (Rockhal 5/2010). The girls (Ida, Cherisse and iMMa) are having fun and dancing Kick Ass in the end of the show.

You know, I love these concerts and usually I believe love is enough. I want my Mika moment and nothing can stop me. I don’t mind if it means long travels without sleep or even no time to eat. I can usually handle it. But I’ve learnt that I have my limits, too. There were so many distracting factors in Amsterdam that it felt very difficult to concentrate on the show.

It was freezing. I have never felt so cold in my life, it was freezing cold even inside the venue. And there was a weird tension in the atmosphere (so many people, even lovely people, and I still felt alone) and some things that happened just before the concert were bothering me a lot. When the gig started I was already crying because I hated myself (I’m always a horrible person when I’m over-tired and over-everything) and it took me several songs to recover but the music helped – as it always does – and the show was as good as it always is and I really enjoyed it in the end (as I always do).

In Luxembourg everything was just perfect. I was so happy I was able to see it. I almost skipped it and finally started to look for a ticket when it was already sold out but managed to find one, thanks to some helpful people. I had a good feeling the whole day, everything felt really relaxed and fun. Mika did an amazing performance, what a fantastic way to end the Arena Tour.

Somehow it felt he was really there, genuinely present. He communicated and joked with the band the whole time and gave a lot of attention to the audience. When he did a French song La Solitude I almost cried again but this time because I was so extremely happy, I hadn’t expected him to sing this sad, beautiful song at all but I had hoped to hear it for a long time. Watch Happy Ending below (obviously one of my favorites). He says thank you to his fans before singing, it’s really sweet of him (in French, I always have to ask people next to me “what is he saying, what is he saying”). The second vid is WAG (another favorite).