I travelled to see some shows in Germany in March 2010 and I was so pleased I decided to do it, I really enjoyed the trip. I loved it how everything was so easy. Germans are not too emotional and even a little bit distant. They are fair and straightforward and never make things unnecessarily complicated. I was happy to see only very little tension between fans, queueing was great fun and it was good to meet familiar people both from Germany and from some other countries as well.

I was really tired in Dusseldorf after Scandinavia during the same week and I must have looked like a zombie but the gig was good and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt much better in Hamburg. We spent a relaxed day as a group of fans walking near Reeperbahn waiting for the gig and even though Mika seemed to be a bit tired during the show he did well and I really started to look forward Berlin, which truly was fantastic, indeed. I loved it as I loved the Berlin gig during the Acoustic Tour, too.

The video below is from Berlin. Taking off his shirt in the end of the gig is a gesture. It’s a sign to the audience saying “you were great, this was fun and I have danced a lot and it’s hot here”. He is having fun and he takes his shirt off letting all the excited girls and boys scream a bit. I don’t mind if he does it or not but I love the contrast in him. Mika can look shy and quiet and then suddenly totally self-confident. He takes his shirt off knowing he looks more than gorgeous and still continues dancing his school boy dancing style, that’s simply sweet and charming and makes him special and interesting.

Sometimes he does the whole gig shirtless if it suits the style – like at club gigs – and sometimes he touches his shirt but doesn’t take it off, and that always makes me smile because I imagine his mother giving him signs from the backstage not to do it (“it’s too cold and drafty”).