I really miss Mika concerts, I feel a physical pain in my stomach every time I hear his music or see concert pictures. The pics above are from Belfast and Dublin. Belfast was the first gig of the Ireland and UK Tour 2010. I always do my best to see something from the beginning of the tour, it’s the starting point and for that reason particularly interesting to see. Mika usually does small changes during tours and it’s quite fascinating to compare those first gigs to later ones and even to the last one if possible.

Belfast is one of my best gig memories. Many people say it was like a rehearsal for the Dublin gig (Dublin was a great gig indeed) and I guess it was not exactly how Mika wanted it to be because he made several changes after the gig. I still really enjoyed especially the Belfast one. The Dublin show a couple of days later went very smoothly. One of my favorite ever HE versions is from Dublin, see it below.