In November 2009 Mika performed together with a capella group King’s Singers at Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel, London. King’s Singers is a highly valued and worldwide known group, and the performance was very different than any other shows I have seen.

It was obvious that Mika was very nervous, more nervous than he usually is, but there was no reason. He was serious and concentrating on his singing (he didn’t even take much contact with the audience), and I must say his voice was more beautiful than ever. This concert was a very special opportunity to see/hear his songs in a different light than we usually do, I really enjoyed the whole event.

This was the second time I saw Mika performing at a church (after Passionskirche), and he seems to be very fond of the idea of bringing pop music into a church. I was especially happy that he performed one of his rare songs, By the Time (first vid below). See also Over My Shoulder and Grace Kelly, the rest of my Little Noise vids are here.