Between the acoustic Songs for Sorrow and the North American Tour 2009 (with songs from the second album) Mika did different gigs for promotional purposes. I saw three of those gigs in London. Three separate trips to London, but every show was different than the gigs I had seen before and totally worth traveling. Remember his outfits and eye make up? Loved them!

The first gig of the “London trilogy” was the iTunes 2009 Festival at Roundhouse, in June 2009. Very strong performance. The show was filmed for television and Mika had a new album coming out so this was an important show, definitely one of the best performances I’ve seen from him. A great number of fans came to support him, what a fun day it was.

Mika started to perform new songs from his second album at these gigs. See below Dr John from the Roundhouse gig. Television cameras are really disturbing, but for some reason this version sounds fresher than later versions with the feather coat (he “illustrated” the feeling and atmosphere for the song during 2010 tours and made it very different, darker and more mysterious).